Tuesday, February  20th, 2018

Congreso Internacional de la Association for the Scientific Studies of Consciousness (ASSC) en Buenos Aires

Congreso Internacional de la Association for the Scientific Studies of Consciousness (ASSC) en Buenos Aires:


Se realizará en Buenos Aires desde el 15 hasta el 18 de junio.

Es un congreso interdisciplinario, dirigido tanto a científicos como a filósofos. Habrá charlas dadas por reconocidas figuras en el ámbito del estudio de la consciencia, como Stanislas Dehaene y Daniel Dennett.



Tristan Bekinschtein
Facundo Manes
Mariano Sigman
Agustin Ibáñez

Los interesados pueden consultar por becas de viaje para estudiantes del interior (más de 200km de BA) y opciones de alojamiento a:




The 20th annual meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC) will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from June 15 to 18th.
Please see the conference website for more information: http://assc20. org/en/
-Last few days for Abstract submission! Closes this sunday April 10th - here
- Registration is open here take advantage of the Early Bird Fees!
-The 14th in the morning and afternoon there will be 3-hour Tutorials covering different topics that complement the Meeting and are an wonderful opportunity to warm up to consciousness discussion by learning in depth.

This exciting 5-day meeting brings together leading researchers in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, philosophy, psychiatry, neurology, and computer science in a forum dedicated to showcasing and advancing rigorous scientific approaches to understanding the nature, function, and underlying mechanisms of conscious experience.

The program committee now invites submissions for Talk and Poster presentations on any topic relevant to the scientific study of consciousness. Any person may present only one submission, but may be co-author on more than one. Submissions for both posters and talks will be accepted (please specify preference). However, you should be aware that there are a limited number of talk slots and poster spaces available. Talks and posters will be selected, via blind review, on the basis of the highest overall quality and relevance to the aims of the ASSC.

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