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Friday, May  24th, 2024

Eleonora Cresto

I completed undegraduate studies in Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires, and received my Ph.D. from Columbia University (NY), in 2006.

Currently I am Philosophy Professor at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and UNTREF (Buenos Aires); I am also a Permanent Researcher at the CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research)/ IIF-SADAF.

My main areas of research are formal and mainstream epistemology, with interest in philosophy of science, decision theory, and philosophy of logic.


Since 2016 I'm Associate Editor of Erkenntnis.


You can download some of my papers from my page. Selected publications include:


(1) 2018. "Confirmational holism and theory choice: Arrow meets Duhem" (with Diego Tajer). Mind (to appear).

(2) 2017. "Lost in Translation. Unknowable Propositions in Probabilistic Frameworks". Synthese, 194 (10): 3955-3977.

(3) 2016. "Knowledge Attribution Revisited: A Deflationary Account". Synthese (to appear).  DOI: 10.1007/s11229-016-1282-y

(4) 2016. "Models and Modeling in Formal Epistemology: Some Thoughts on Probability Aggregation". In Leitgeb, H., Niiniluoto, I., Sober, E. y Seppälä, P. (eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. College Publications, pp. 349-366.

(5) 2015. "Prisoner’s Dilemma: One Shot and Iterated" (with Diego Ríos). James D. Wright (editor-in-chief), International Encyclopaedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences – Second Edition. Oxford: Elsevier, Vol.18, pp. 930-937. 

(6) 2012. "A Defense of Temperate Epistemic Transparency". The Journal of Philosophical Logic, 41 (6): 923-955.

(7) 2010. "On Reasons and Epistemic Rationality". The Journal of Philosophy, CVII (6): 326-330.

(8) 2010. "Belief and Contextual Acceptance". Synthese, 177 (1): 41-66.

(9)  2008. "A Model for Structural Changes of Belief". Studia Logica, 88 (3): 431–451.

(10) 2008. "In Search of the Best Explanation about the Nature of the Gene: Avery on Pneumococcal Transformation." Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part C, 39 (1): 65-79. 



Soy Licenciada en Filosofía por la Universidad de Buenos Aires, y Doctora en Filosofía por la Universidad de Columbia (NY), en el 2006.

Actualmente me desempeño como Investigadora en el CONICET (con lugar de trabajo en el Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas de SADAF) y como profesora en la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella y en UNTREF.

Mis intereses actuales incluyen la epistemología formal, la teoría del conocimiento, la filosofía de las ciencias, la lógica y la teoría de la decisión.

Algunos de mis artículos pueden bajarse de




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