Domingo. 24  de Junio de  2018

Eleonora Cresto

Soy Licenciada en Filosofía por la Universidad de Buenos Aires, y Doctora en Filosofía por la Universidad de Columbia (NY).

Actualmente me desempeño como Investigadora en el CONICET (con lugar de trabajo en el Instituto de Filosofía de la UBA) y como profesora en la Universidad di Tella y UNTREF.

Mis intereses actuales incluyen la epistemología formal, la teoría del conocimiento, la filosofía de las ciencias, la lógica y la teoría de la decisión

I got my B.A. from Universidad de Buenos Aires, and my Ph.D. from Columbia University, in 2006.

Currently I am Philosophy Professor at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and UNTREF (Buenos Aires); I am also a Permanent Researcher at the CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research), Instituto de Filosofía, University of Buenos Aires.

I'm mainly interested in both formal and mainstream epistemology, as well as in philosophy of science, decision theory, and philosophy of logic.

Publications in English include:

* "Prisoner's Dilemma, One Shot and Iterated" (with Diego Ríos). International Encyclopaedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Elsevier, forthcoming.
* "A Defense of Temperate Epistemic Transparency". The Journal of Philosophical Logic (2012), 41 (6): 923-955.
* "On Reasons and Epistemic Rationality." The Journal of Philosophy (2010), 107 (6): 326-330.
* “How DNA became an important molecule. Controversies at the origins of molecular biology”. In O. Nudler (ed.) Controversy Spaces. Amsterdam, John Benjamin Publishing Company, 2011, pp. 135-162.
* “Belief and Contextual Acceptance”. Synthese (2010), 177: 41-66.
* “Epistemology”. In S. Nuccetelli, O. Schutte and O. Bueno, A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010, pp. 468-481.
* “A model for Structural Changes of Belief”. Studia Logica, (2008) 88: 431-451.
* "In Search of the Best Explanation about the Nature of the Gene". Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C (2008), 39: 65-79. In progress/ submitted 2013
* “Lost in Translation: Unknowable propositions in probabilistic frameworks” (Talk delivered at the ProbVag Conference, Tokyo, March 2013, and at The Oxford-Buenos Aires Logic Group, Buenos Aires, April 2013).
* "Transparency and group epistemic responsibility." (SEFA-SADAF Conference 2013, Madrid-Buenos Aires, March 2013, and Invited talk at the University of Buenos Aires, Department of Economics, April 2013).
* "How to be a pragmatist without surrendering to naturalism" (International Symposium Richard Rorty, Buenos Aires, May 2013).
* "A theory of evidence for the legal context: Uncertain probabilities, decisions and explanations". (First Latin American Conference on Legal Epistemology, Bogotá, June 2013 - Keynote talk). Previous years:
* "Knowledge attribution revisited: A deflationary account".
* "A decision theoretic approach to Inference to the Best Explanation"
* "A problem for dogmatism? On the putative conflict between dogmatic justification and Bayesian confirmation".

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